Our Company

Welcome to New Horizon Homes, a premier residential assisted living home dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience that wows our guests. Our mission is rooted in delivering high-quality, excellent service to our residents, making their stay with us truly exceptional.

At New Horizon Homes, we believe in going beyond traditional caregiving. We are a personal development company, driven by the desire to empower and improve the lives of those we touch. Our vision is to be a residential care home staffed with a network of high caliber, competent, and caring individuals who possess initiative, integrity, and a strong drive to make a positive impact.

Our homes are nestled within residential neighborhoods, providing a familiar and comfortable environment for our seniors. We have upgraded these homes to include amenities that ensure a clean and safe space, reflecting our commitment to creating an environment where residents feel at home.

It is our privilege to partner with families and step in to assist their loved ones with their daily living activities. We understand that sometimes loved ones are unable to provide the level of care required, and we aim to exceed expectations in meeting those needs. With a lower resident-to-caregiver ratio, we can provide attentive and specialized care, tailored to each resident’s specific requirements.

While we strive to create a home-like atmosphere, we also recognize the importance of structure and processes. Benefiting from our owner’s background and business expertise, New Horizon Homes is well-run, ensuring consistent excellence in all our operations. We take pride in investing in our most valuable resource: our caregivers. Through weekly trainings, we not only focus on teaching the technical aspects of caregiving but also provide opportunities for individual personal development. This commitment helps our team continually grow and provide the best possible care to our residents.

At New Horizon Homes, we are dedicated to transforming the residential assisted living experience, empowering seniors to thrive and families to find peace of mind. With passion, compassion, and a commitment to excellence, we create an extraordinary haven that sets new standards in senior care.